According to HBO is working to bring a Hard Knocks style show to the college ranks. The four schools include Alabama, Penn State, Arizona State and Washington State.

Now, I love Hard Knocks. It's gotten off to a slow start with the Raiders this year but generally, the access the show gets is unparalleled and gives you an incredible insight into the team it's covering.

A college version of Hard Knocks would likely follow the team into the season and would provide electric content. Nick Saban and Alabama would drive traffic but be incredibly boring. Penn State would feel overly produced and scripted. That's just the feeling I get from coach Franklin. The last two though, they would be electric.

Herm Edwards at Arizona State is a loose cannon quote machine. Edwards in a weekly drama would be must-see TV. It would be riveting television, especially if Arizona State can string some wins together and this weird science experiment with Herm coming to college actually works out.

Leach would also be fascinating but for different reasons. What the hell is he going to say? At any moment will production break down because Mike Leach lost his train of thought and wants to tell you the history of dog trainers in Nova Scotia and how that pertains to the military advancements in Iceland. The Leach bloopers might be better than the content they put out. Also, Washington State always has a chance to win the Pac 12 because of how bad the Pac 12 is.

Bottom line is that I'm all the way down for this to happen. Make it happen HBO.

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