Josh Smith led the Atlanta Hawks with 23 points, as the Hawks easily defeated the Dallas Mavericks 106-89.

The regular season finale was completely over shadowed by the NFL draft, and the way the Mavericks played, that's not a  bad thing. Atlanta jumped all over the Mavericks, putting the game out of reach in the first quarter with a 28-7 run to start the game. The Hawks came out and hit 16 of their first 23 shots, nearly 70 percent.

Dirk Nowitzki played well, scoring 22 points. No one can necessarily blame the Mavs for not showing up to play. Even if they had won, they had essentially locked up 7th place in the NBA Western.

Dallas will face off against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday. The Mavs need to improve drastically if they hope to repeat as the NBA champions.