Patrick Mahomes is ridiculous.

I know you already know that; I just felt the need to say it again. Kinda like when Cris Collinsworth told you for the 38th time late in the SNF contest between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that the Bucs beat the Chiefs in the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay just 20 months ago.

I didn't need that reminder, and neither did the pettiest player in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes.

He pulled out all the magic acts last night, like this spin move to jump shot thing.

The NFL Twitter account was baffled.

Then, it tweeted a different angle. It's magic. Mahomes Magic.

I watched every version I could find.

Mahomes was also showing his acting prowess. Sure, he had all of his normal commercials that air during NFL games, but he also played this one to perfection while his TE came in to do the QB sneak. Or the TE sneak in this case.

For his efforts, the Chiefs won 41-31 and exorcised the demon of losing to Tom Brady. Kind of. Mahomes has regular season wins against the old man, but he's still trying to beat him in the playoffs.

During the game, as he normally does, Mahomes set another milestone. He's now the fastest player to ever reach 20,000 passing yards. The next fastest was Matt Stafford. On the broadcast they noted that he'd need to average what he was doing now until he was 37 for Mahomes to catch Brady, who's thrown for the most yards ever.

He might can do that, and it'd be 8 years faster than Tom Brady.

Just roll those beautiful Mahomes Highlights.

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