We all curse the wind in Lubbock. And while it serves very little positive purpose, it does offer aircraft companies and pilots some very unique testing and training opportunities. Check out this Osprey flying around Preston Smith.

Lubbock's Preston Smith International Airport is anything but international according to how many of us perceive the term "international." But technically speaking, an airport gets international status for having the customs ability to handle international flights. So that's probably why Preston Smith is called that, even though nothing from other countries ever flies here -- or internationally from here.

That said, our small airport has become quite popular in the national flying community for a few reasons, the main one being our wind that many of us despise so greatly. With our crazy wind conditions that change every second, our airport has become quite popular with both giant corporations testing their new planes and with the military testing their new pilots.

Check out this V-22 Osprey military plane/helicopter practicing some runs here in town last week. This is the really cool plane that can rotate its engines so they can take off vertically like a helicopter, and then move them forward like a prop plane.

Just a heads up, too -- if you're a fan of planes and flying, the airport's Facebook page posts some pretty good pics and videos any time there's a new or interesting machine at the facility. Something to follow for the aerosexual in your life.


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