La Chaveña is one of Lubbock's newer restaurants and just celebrated their 1-year anniversary this past May. That means it opened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Who would do that?

In an interview with KFYO News, Meagan Herrera, co-owner of La Chaveña, said "it was kind of a spur of the moment thing. It's always been my one of my husband's dreams to open a restaurant and all the recipes are his mom's."

An inspiration that in this crazy world why not take a chance because Lizzie McGuire would say "...this is what dreams are made of." Now sing to me, Paolo!

The Herreras recently noticed that business was slowing down. That "almost scary" slowdown meant less money to help pay for their dream of serving the community with family recipes. The owners took to Facebook to ask their followers to come on out if they were out and about.

They expected two or three shares maybe, but when the La Chaveña's owners put their smartphones down and started cleaning they didn't expect what would happen next.

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Herrera told us they received 17 online orders in a row, which is amazing. Then, people started sharing the La Chaveña's's post on Facebook with friends and family. Herrera said the next day there was a line outside the door because the post had been shared so much.

As of Monday, June 20th, the Facebook post has 1,300+ shares. The Herreras actually had to close up shop early because they didn't have enough staff and wanted to deliver high-quality service to the people who were there to support them.

While the Herreras are seeking more staff to better serve everyone in the community, they also own the property next door. The property is actually a venue for that can be rented out for parties so anyone who wants to rent it and are seeking that same feeling that La Chaveña gives should look check out the space.

La Chaveña will also sometimes stream some fights on their TV so you can have top-tier service while enjoying yourself. They even offer a limit of two free margaritas every Friday usually from 5-8 p.m., so you know where to find me after I've written my articles for the week. I like to add a barabacoa quesadilla with their homemade tortilla chips and that thick tasty salsa that sticks to every chip to the side of my free margarita.

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