A Hockley County man was recently found dead in his driveway with dog bites over his body.

KAMC news reports that the autopsy revealed the cause of death of 57-year-old Andrew Woods of Anton was from a dog attack. Three dogs were seen near the body of Woods and were taken into custody by animal control.

This isn't the first time loose dogs have attacked someone. Back in 2017, a New Deal man was attacked by six dogs. What can be done about dog attacks that occur outside of the city limits when there are no leash laws? A few things.

In an interview with KFYO News, Corporal Reyes with the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office gave us some tips about what can be done to avoid being attacked by loose dogs, like buying an airhorn to scare them away if they come too close.

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Dogs living outside city limits do have to have their rabies shots and not chase or kill any livestock, i.e. sheep, cattle, horses, chickens, etc. If any stray dogs or dogs that won't stay on their own property are chasing livestock or people, then it's advised to record the incident to have proof for police so they can better handle the situation if the dogs have careless owners.

If the dogs do bite a person, you should call a 911 or any emergency number. The dogs will have to be taken and quarantined for a few days and checked for rabies. Once in quarantine, dogs will be scanned for chips. If they have an owner, that person could receive a citation for $50 or more.

A lot of dog owners who are unable to care for their dogs or just don't want them anymore will travel outside city limits to dump them like an old couch. Dog dumping results in hungry stray dogs trying to find county residents to feed them. It's advised not to feed strays, however. Corporal Reyes said "it's more or less your property now" once you've fed a stray dog.

Speaking of property, what do you do when a dog isn't afraid of you and is on your property? You're within your rights to defend your property (livestock are included as property under the law), but must assume responsibility if a firearm is chosen to handle the situation. If you miss the animal, it could result in a citation for yourself and the owner of the dog, if there is one.

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