Did you know that 59 percent of parents are using their car seats incorrectly? While you may not think that you're a part of this startling statistic, you would be surprised at the number of simple mistakes that you make while using this lifesaving device.

Top 9 Car Seat Mistakes Parents Commonly Make

Car seat misuse is more common than you think. This is partially due to the fact that once installed, most parents don't make the necessary adjustments as their child grows. I spoke with Karen Mitchell, the traffic safety specialist with the Behavioral Traffic Safety Section at the Texas Department of Transportation, about the biggest mistakes that parents make that could impact their child's safety.

Infant car seats are pretty straightforward, especially if you use a car seat base. In contrast, convertible car seats grow with your child. This means that adjustments need to be made continuously to accommodate your child's ever-evolving stature.

A good rule of thumb is to align your car seat maintenance with your child's regular pediatrician appointments. Why? These doctor's visits are when you get updated on their height and weight. This information is imperative for determining when to switch them to a more permanent car seat as well as when to transition them to a forward facing position, which normally occurs at or after their second birthday.

Finally, remember that every child is different. While there are guidelines to help you determine when these changes should be made, everything is dependent on your baby's specific height and weight. Don't be afraid to reach out to the Texas Department of Transportation with questions.

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