I guess folks are still deciding if that was 10 or 11 inches of snow. Either way, it's not enough to set a record.

The record snow for Lubbock was set in 1983 when 16.3 inches of snow officially fell in 24 hours according to the National Weather Service. For two days, the record was just a little higher when the snow continued to bring it up to 16.9 inches. This gave us a maximum depth of 17 inches.

I remember this storm well because my wife had a Camaro at the time and it did not care for the snow depths. This was a fate I saw a lot of people dealing with yesterday, with those low-to-the-ground fender scoops being damaged or destroyed.

For the record, we'd have to hit 25 inches to set a monthly record, or over 41 inches for a seasonal record.

Travel was almost back to normal Saturday afternoon, and it looks like most of the snow will burn off Sunday with a high of 45. It would still be smart to watch out for icy patches until everything has completely cleared out.

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