I am sure Nordstrom really doesn't need an explanation because people have been wanting it here forever but I do have an update for y'all.

This department store chain is elite in my opinion. I love everything about them. They do have stuff on the higher end but they have reasonably priced items as well. Plus Nordstrom Rack is where it's at. They even do anniversary sales twice a year where they have so many things, clothes, makeup, jewelry, home goods and more on sale.

This store would be great for Lubbock and there were a lot of rumors going around saying we might get one. Then a rumor that officials from Nordstrom flew into Lubbock to look at sites for a new retail store, possibly near Canyon West back in November 2019 but those were in fact rumors.

I have been in contact with their public relations team and they sadly confirmed what I was scared of. There is no information or news of a new store opening in the Lubbock, Texas region.

Now that doesn't mean it will never happen but it is not in their plans. If anyone from Nordstroms is reading this, this is my plea for y'all to come out here. I think we would fit like two peas in a pod. We have a big city and great support. Plus you know I will be there all the time. This is really an untapped market for shopping that I think y'all would kill it at, so just consider it and let me know if you change your mind.

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