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Two female French Bulldogs were allegedly stolen from the home of Ac Campos, according to multiples Facebook posts online.

The cute puppies are named Dolly and Nova, and there's a rather hefty reward being offered for their safe return: $10,000

One puppy, Dolly, is said to have a messed-up leg that needs to heal on her front left paw. The dog's owner wrote online that she walks with a limp, which could be helpful in identifying the pair of pups.

If you have any information regarding the puppies, your best course of action is probably to reach out to Campos on his Facebook page via a private message.

It's an absolute shame when someone's pets are stolen from them. It's like taking someone's child. Imagine yourself coming home to an empty house and realizing that your new little puppies are gone. French Bulldogs come at a high price and are a bit of an investment, so one would imagine the owner is quite devastated.

Let's all help him by keeping our eyes open for anything suspicious and continuing to hope that they are safely returned.

$10,000 is a pretty massive reward, so someone out there is bound to spill the beans with that kind of money on the line. It's only a matter of time! Please share this article with your friends and family in the area and let's get Nova and Dolly home safe and back to their rightful owners.

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