Lubbock is the land of cotton, Texas Tech, fantastic medical centers, and now...

I find it awesome that we're about to be a leader in a new category. We're usually named number one in some atrocious thing. This time we're about to be a leader in an amazing, yet unusual category. Are you ready for this?

Lubbock is about to be a leader in Mexican popsicles.

Yup, a new company named Tropicale Foods is opening a plant in Lubbock. Sure, we're probably going to share the "tops in pops" title with their home state of Florida, but you can expect a popsicle invasion here in the Hub City.

I'm fairly positive that you can already find the brands in Lubbock because "Helados Mexicano" and "La Michocana" (and their related logos) look very familiar. Still, it makes a lot of sense for the company to start an outpost in Lubbock because popsicle transport is probably a bit problematic.

It's interesting that Lubbock is also the home of another somewhat frozen treat, and that would be Bahama Buck's. I guess we all need to cool down with the relentless summer heat and lack of water around here.

Tropicale Foods should be quite a shot in the arm to our economy with a bunch of jobs.  Factories this big also need a bunch of support, such as trucks to bring ingredients here and to ship products out. The plant itself will start hiring near the end of the year.

I think we can all do our part to support this plant and its products, all we have to do is EAT MORE POPSICLES!

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