The COVID-19 pandemic all but wiped out the restaurant industry, and it's plain to see that many fast-food restaurants locally are absolutely at their wit's end.

As someone who's worked in food service management for the bulk of their adult life, I've always felt like I had extra patience and understanding for struggling restaurants, but this is getting pretty ridiculous.

Incorrect orders. Cold food. Long wait times. Lack of staff. Bad management. These five things are killing the fast food joints in Lubbock right now.

Some places are having a worse time than others and I don't want to put anyone on blast, but several spots off of 19th Street between Frankford and Milwaukee probably shouldn't even be in business anymore. It's only a matter of time before they go under unless we get someone in there that cares and can turn it around.

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I've never returned food at a restaurant because my order was incorrect. Gave me cheese and I said I didn't want any? That's okay, I'll peel it off. Forgot my fries? Eh, oh well. I just don't have time to mess with it, and I remember what it was like to work in a busy place. S**t happens. If it's wrong, it's wrong, and I probably shouldn't have been buying fast food anyway.

But lately, it's been more than wrong. It's been unacceptable and unsafe, and it's probably because the people in charge now weren't trained by someone that has been in that job for very long, or perhaps, were given little to no training at all.

I would like to encourage anyone that is looking for gainful employment to please consider working at a fast food establishment in Lubbock. Get rid of the negative stereotypes you've heard about working at a burger joint. Some of them pay really well, offer college tuition reimbursement, and the ability to climb the ladder to management. They need you.

Consider stepping in and making a change if you think you have what it takes. It honestly takes everything in me not to jump over the counter at some places and just help them out a little. I wish I had time for a second job. If I did, you'd probably see me scooping fries somewhere just to help get someone out of a hole.

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