I will never understand how anyone could be cruel to a companion animal. To me, pets are the epitome of innocence, dedication, and unconditional love.

The fact that there are people who would hurt a pet and leave them to suffer is something I can never even begin to process. I just hate it, it hurts me, it upsets me.

Chance was hurt by a person. From the GoFundMe page:

Lea Ann's own words:

"While out for a drive with their Grandma, my daughters found a dog, in a kennel, left on the side of the road bleeding and barely breathing.

They think it’s a Pit.
John and I are headed to them now. Makes me sick that someone could harm an animal and leave it to die. "They rushed this brave pup to the emergency clinic for care and here is the update from Lea Ann:
People suck.
The dog was shot in the face. On the left side of his nose.
They aren’t sure what the extent of the damage is.
Our choices were to put him down or let them go in, remove the bullet and assess the damage.
If you know us, you know what we chose.
They will do surgery tonight"...(5/29)

Luckily, thanks to the efforts of Lubbock Small Animal Emergency Clinic and the risk this family took on for a dog they didn't know, Chance made it. He's home and resting up. However, this family incurred a tremendous expense for the emergency surgery.

We can help them cover the costs and additional medical care he may need. He might also benefit from some behavioral training after he's healed to help him socialize after such a traumatic event.

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If you would like to chip in for Chance and see his recovery pictures (he's very handsome), just head over to the GoFundMe page. Small donations add up, so even a few dollars can make a big difference.

I want to personally thank this compassionate and caring family from the bottom of my heart for saving this precious life.

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