U.S. Marine Curt Pennington was displaced during the COVID-19 pandemic and moved to Lubbock, Texas with his daughter to start over again. He had almost nothing to his name when he arrived in town and even lived in his car briefly. He's now set to open a brand new reptile shop in Ransom Canyon.

Curt's Creatures will have its grand opening on the 4th of July, which is absolutely perfect for the huge crowd of people that will be heading to the lake to watch fireworks. What a great opening day. Not only will they have tons of different exotic pets to choose from, but they'll also have bait for fishing. Very convenient for the avid fishers at Buffalo Springs Lake.

Pennington currently has 60 different animals available -- from frogs to lizards and all the fun in between. 94.5 FMX spoke with him about his pet store a few months ago, and we're thrilled to see it has finally come to fruition. Pennington and his daughter Madison have a mutual love of reptiles, and he hopes they will share this passion for years to come.

94.5 FMX reached out to Pennington to ask how he was feeling about all of this media attention and excitement around his new store. "I've been so overwhelmed with joy and messages this morning," he told us. "I'm still kind of in a state of shock at the moment."

Pennington began saving and buying exotic animals while working at Jimmy's Egg, and now all of his dreams are finally coming true.

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According to KCBD, the building was donated by Joe Menaldi, the owner of Head Hunters Smoke Shop. Joe is an awesome guy, and it's no surprise to me that he would be behind some of the magic happening in Pennington's life right now. Meanwhile, Joe's son Joey is providing the power for the store with his electrician business, AMP Electric.

You guys rule. This is some heartwarming stuff right here, man.

I can't wait to get in there and snuggle up to all the pets. I'll be making my way there for the grand opening. Congratulations on your new life, Curt and Madison. Most of all, thank you for your service. I'll be seeing you soon.

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