The Lubbock-Cooper Education Foundation on Thursday awarded educators on multiple Lubbock-Cooper campuses over $100,000 in grants.

Lubbock-Cooper ISD faculty members submitted applications requesting grants for education projects, and the Foundation awarded all 27 of the grant requests.


Investigate - Create - Curate Clay Kennedy $10,000 First United Bank
encouraging the use of digital technology to better study art
Increase Rigor via iPads Carla Moore $10,000 Betenbough Homes
increasing students' analytical thinking while enhacing their use of technology

Spanish Club Kati Cowan $1,635  Carizma Motors
implementation of an after-school Spanish program
Math Alive Second Grade Team $6,965 Robert Wood and Trey Strong
supplmenetal software-based math curriculum to make learning math interactive
iPads in the Elementary Resource Classroom Stephanie Carr $5,500
providing differentiated education for students with special needs
Portable Classroom Initiative Lindsay Carney $5,174 Platform Energy
allowing students to access curriculum on mobile devices

Expansion of LCHS Robotics Program Candice Mallory and Tim Martin $2,905 Clearview Custom Homes
supporting the growth of the robotics program, allowing all students with interest to participate
Cricut Cutting the Barriers to Learning Katina Green and Deborah Parrish $350 Butch's Rathole Service
creating meaningul and personalized learning tools for students with special needs
guideWeld Virtual Reality Welding Simulator Cody Fuller $6,574 Drs Bolkar and Michelle Sahinler
allowing students to hone welding abilities in a simulated environment

The Learning Carpet Dual Language Team $3,328.50 George McMahan Properties
helping students cultivate language skills through inquiry and collaboration
Magic Math Carpet Ride Anita King $570 Lubbock Land Company
enhancing math learning stations for elementary students
STEAM Innovators Leslie Lee, Stephenie Smith, Tamara Williams $1,350 Stacey Rogers Real Estate
providing enrichment for students in areas of academic, technological, and interpersonal skills
3D Thinking: Discover, Design, Develop Shayla Fortenberry and Sydney Musslewhite $2,450.30
providing 3D printers for students to build digitalized creations
Camp Invention Scholarships Whitney Jones and Jeremy Wagner $1,800
ehancing extracurricular STEM education for elementary students
Blue Bot Brainiacs Sarah Brewer (for East Elementary) $1,099.50 Reagor Dykes Auto Group
help kindergarten students develop necessary skills in an interactive environment

Sphero Educational Robots Marsha Moore $3,808 Edge Properties
providing robots for STEM engagement for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students
Project Empowering Student Learning Alissa Jephcott $8,385
providing a SMART Board for students with special needs to enhance accessibility to technology
Seeing is not Believing, Experiencing Is Cody Redfern $1,500 B&S Woodworking
implementing virtual reality experiences in the science classroom
Better Board, Better Life Cody Redfern $3,500
supplying university-grade printing abilities for science projects
The Positive Greenhouse Effect Cody Redfern $1,400
implementing greenhouse education on all secondary campuses
Watch D.O.G.S. Mandy Leach, Tonya Bohannon, Meg Kattwinkel $2,000
encouraging the presence strong parent role models on campus

Classroom Ukuleles Amy Harmon $2,435 Madera Companies
teaching music literacy through a wider array of instruments
Intensive Intervention Furniture Bruce Lange $750 Dr. Farnsworth
styrolite chairs and desks to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for students
Student Voice and Choice Rebecca Beardan and Sylvia Torres $2,294 Epic Properties
providing recording tools to allow students to actively participate in learning