Joseph Sullivan of the Boston Globe wrote an idiotic article for the Globe on Monday, completely running down the Red Raider fan base, writing how Coach Beard "...somehow produced a winning team at a school with fans who couldn't care less."

Sullivan then drew on the only Texas Tech connection he could remember and tie to Boston. "Probably the most exciting news for Bostonians is that Wes Welker said on Twitter that he might come to watch the team play," he said.

Sullivan would continue:

"Texas Tech coach Chris Beard was the coach at Nevada Las Vegas for about two hours (OK, it was three weeks). When a sequence of events left Tech with an opening, Beard deserted the desert for West Texas. Ah, the tumbling tumbleweed. The Red Raiders are known for football, and even Basketball Hall of Famer Bobby Knight couldn’t bring the school any sustained success. The fans routinely don’t show up for games. That hasn’t deterred Beard. He took the players left over from coach Tubby Smith, did some under-the-radar recruiting, and turned the Raiders into a Big 12 contender."

It's almost comical how ridiculous this is, and the Red Raider faithful on Twitter let him know exactly what they thought of his write up.

I'll finish with my favorite tweet where this Red Raider fan deliberately calls Joe Sullivan a she several times. Sick burn.

I'll let Brooks Barrett sum up the feeling we all had after reading through @globesullivans Twitter mentions:

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