Lubbock County's newest high school now has a name: Liberty High School.

Liberty High School will open in time for the start of the Fall 2023 semester and will be the second comprehensive high school in Lubbock-Cooper ISD. The Lubbock-Cooper ISD Board of Trustees on Thursday unanimously approved the naming of Liberty High School.

The LCISD Board of Trustees on Thursday also approved the mascot 'Patriots' for the new Liberty High School. Red and navy were designated the official colors for Liberty High School.

"This is a historic and exciting decision for our school district," said LCISD Superintendent Keith Bryant. "The name Liberty is fitting for our school culture, which focuses on community, family, pride, and patriotism."

Lubbock-Cooper Liberty High School will be located at the intersection of Woodrow Road and Quaker Avenue in south Lubbock County. The campus will also be the site of a new varsity football stadium for Lubbock-Cooper ISD.

LCISD is currently home to nine campuses: five elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, and one alternative high school. In May 2021, district voters approved a $420 million bond to fund the construction of three campuses and other district projects. Lubbock-Cooper Liberty High School is first of the three new campuses to be constructed.

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According to district officials, the LCISD Board of Trustees spent the past three years conducting research concerning the necessity of a second high school.

"We wanted to ensure that we made the decision that best serves our community," said LCISD Board of Trustees President Paul Ehlers. "The determination to open a second high school was not taken lightly. Just as important is the representation of the school; the school name, mascot, and colors are very important to our community. Some of our most treasured values include service to community and country, pride in our district, state, and nation, and gratitude for the men and women who protect our freedom."

Ehlers also said that by naming Liberty High School's mascot 'Patriots' and retaining the common color of red, it allows the district to retain its widely recognized logo, the red LCP (pictured, below).

Lubbock-Cooper ISD
Lubbock-Cooper ISD

"Our logo has become synonymous with excellence and trust. It is a reminder that we are a united community with the common goal of doing what is best for kids," said Ehlers. "No matter what Lubbock-Cooper campus they are on or building they are in, our stakeholders can spot the LCP and know they are home."

Bryant expressed a similar sentiment, for the district as a whole.

"We are the Pirates, we are the Patriots, and, above all, we are the people of Lubbock-Cooper ISD," said Bryant. "We are excited to continue building the future one student at a time, on our existing campuses and at Lubbock-Cooper Liberty High School."

Liberty High School will become the first newly created comprehensive high school to open in Lubbock County since Lubbock ISD's Estacado High School opened in 1967. (Lubbock ISD opened the single-gender Talkington School for Young Women Leaders in 2008.) Frenship ISD is scheduled to open their second comprehensive high school in 2024.

Liberty High School is expected to begin playing varsity football in 2024 due to the UIL rule of only placing new schools into football districts in even numbered years.

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