Lubbock artist Joey Martinez was distraught to find his trailer had been stolen. When he finally recovered it, he found it trashed and full of drug paraphernalia. The entire ordeal reminded him of his favorite show Breaking Bad and inspired him to turn a bad situation into an artistic tribute.

94.5 FMX reached out to Martinez and he shared his insane story with us. Here's what he said:

"In June of 2021, I received a call from DPS that my toy hauler had been found and that I would have to take the title with me to Lubbock Wrecker to claim my property," he said. "The trailer had been destroyed inside and out. Rotted food was in the refrigerator, needles and meth pipes were found in the trailer. From what I noticed, a family (husband, wife, two kids, and a dog) had been living inside the trailer. The trailer was piled with clothes, a few computers, and dog poop."

No other information was given to Joey other than the fact that multiple vehicles and travel trailers had been found abandoned on the same property. On top of recovering his trailer in deplorable condition, he would have to pay $1,000 dollars to have it released to him from the wrecking yard, something he wasn't even sure would be worth it.

"I had to really debate whether I wanted to release the trailer to the wrecking yard or not," Martinez said. "I've remodeled a couple of houses in the past and decided to pay to get my stolen property from the wrecking yard and attempt to fix it. It took me over a month and a half to restore my toy hauler costing me a few thousand dollars. Because of the whole scenario, I decided to paint the Breaking Bad theme on the outside of the trailer. The theme seemed fitting."

Martinez has seen a tremendous outpouring of support and love from social media with his newly fashioned home. Everyone loves Breaking Bad, and he's seen quite a bit of attention for his interesting trailer.

"After getting the trailer inspected, and hauling the trailer home; a lady and her mother chased me down so that they could get pictures," he told FMX. "I thought that was pretty awesome and got a good laugh out of it."

Martinez 's also just grateful that he got the trailer back at all. He was stressed out looking for an apartment or house in Canyon so he could continue his studies. He's working on his 4th degree in the Master of Fine Arts program at West Texas A&M.

" My travel trailer has been turned down by a couple of RV Parks in Canyon because of the art. Luckily, the Wagon Yard west of Canyon accepted me with open arms," Martinez said. "I am thrilled that I have finally placed my toy hauler in its designated area in Canyon as well as getting all my paperwork situated for school. Oddly, my trailer was placed in Section 8. Sorry, I got a good laugh about the word 'Section 8' and had to include that information (chuckle chuckle)"

Martinez has painted numerous murals around West Texas and the surrounding Panhandle area for 30 years. Including high-profile clientele The LBK Brewery and McDougal Properties. One of his biggest accomplishments was donating and selling a canvas for $13,000 to the March of Dimes. He's been mentioned in numerous publications, including Texas Highways and Texas Monthly, and has been broadcast on CBS, ESPN, Discovery, HGTV and many more.

You can follow Joey Martinez on Instagram @Wiseone1978.

Lubbock Artist Joey Martinez Creates Epic Breaking Bad-Themed Trailer

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