The latest season of HBO's annual football docuseries debuted on Tuesday night, and the overwhelming star of the episode was Los Angeles Chargers head coach and former Red Raider running back, Anthony Lynn.

The show will feature both Los Angeles-based NFL franchises, the Chargers and the Rams.

Hard Knocks opened with the Chargers players getting on a Zoom call and cracking jokes before their head coach Anthony Lynn showed up. Lynn then told the team, "I can't promise you you aren't going to get infected. I got infected," which was news to most of the NFL world.

Lynn then said one team would be better than everyone else at taking care of business and handling the pandemic. Why can't that team be the Chargers?

Lynn had numerous great scenes over the rest of the episode. Here he is struggling to figure out who everyone is with masks on:

Speaking of sunglasses, later in the episode, Lynn walks up to safety Derwin James and comments on his player's sunglasses. James lets him try the glasses on and says he can get his coach some, then Lynn just puts them in his pocket. Don't worry -- James is an Oakley ambassador and has more.

Another great scene from Lynn is his reaction to a player coming in hot after being cut. In the scene, Lynn is cool, calm, and collected. Immediately after, he walks down to the GM's office and says that it was the first time he'd seen any emotion out of Vollert, but he wasn't Antonio Gates, the Chargers' future Hall of Fame tight end.

I'm not the only one who enjoyed Lynn's laid-back demeanor on the show. Twitter was ablaze with praise for the Chargers head coach, especially after Lynn and his wife talked about meeting in Cleveland while the coach explained the differences between a gas grill and a smoker while waving around an unlit cigar. He prefers 14 hours of the smoker while playing dominos and drinking a couple of pops.

Lynn comes across as the kind of guy you want to get a beer with.

I agree, Tony. I agree.

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