In the aftermath of the NCAA sanctions that devastated Penn State University, the first of what is likely to be many lawsuits have been filed against the university.

One of the most publicized incidents within the case was the testimony of Mike McQueary, who detailed an encounter he saw in the shower involving Jerry Sandusky and an unknown boy. Most of us have heard the story, and it is a horrifying one to say the least. The individual in question did not make an appearance in court, and his identity has been hotly contested.

The individual in question has made an appearance, and has decided to sue Penn State University, and will most likely be walking out of the court room with an eight figure check.In regards to the newly filed lawsuit, the mans lawyer stated, "Our client has to live the rest of his life not only dealing with the effects of Sandusky's childhood sexual abuse, but also with the knowledge that many powerful adults, including those at the highest levels of Penn State, put their own interests and the interests of a child predator above their legal obligations to protect him."

The report also highlights the abuse that the man suffered at the hands of Sandusky was far more than the incident witnessed in the shower. Most likely, in addition to the $60 million Penn State has already been forced to pay, an equal or greater amount will be payed out in civil suits over the next year or so.

How do you think this will turn out for Penn State when it is all said and done?