With the dust still long from settling in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, the Big 10 conference is eying measures to prevent such a debacle from ever happening  again. The plan outlined in a statement by the Chronicle of Higher Education, which would give the conference commissioner the power to punish schools for not acting within a certain code of conduct. The punishments outlined thus far is the ability to financially punish schools by withholding a percentage of conference revenue, suspending players and coaches if they are to act out of line, and in extreme cases, the ability to fire coaches.

How exactly they plan on policing this is a question that still remains unanswered. The logical conclusion is that they would withhold television and bowl revenue until the schools complied. Also, how exactly the schools agree to the new policy, or if they even have a choice. It seems like a knee jerk reaction, meant to do good, but will end up causing more trouble in the end.

With the Big 10, NCAA, and U.S. Education Department investigating Penn State for potential rules and policy violations, the issue of "institutional control" is believed to be a key part of the NCAA probe, since problems there can lead to athletic penalties. The lack of institutional control appears to be what the Big 10 is trying to prevent.

What do you think about the Big 10s new rules? Will it work, or is it just a power grab?