Kirby Hocutt is a man of the people. He hears his fans, and responds honestly. The People's AD knows what the people of Lubbock, Texas want, and he's not afraid to talk about it on Twitter.

One Red Raider reached out to Hocutt and asked the question every Tech fan has been asking since 2012:

YES! Can we please get those cowards in College Station back on the field?

Hocutt makes it sound like it's Texas A&M holding up the process.

Texas Tech and Texas A&M haven't played since 2011, the last year that the Aggies were in the Big 12. Texas Tech would lose that game, and have had to live with that taste in their mouth since.

There was hope in 2015 that the former rivals would be matched up in the Texas Bowl, but A&M chose another path, and Texas Tech would play LSU instead.

The two schools have played in other sports, most notably baseball, but have yet to meet on the football field.

With Hocutt opening the door, do you think that A&M would accept a home and home series with Texas Tech in the near future?

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