Kliff Kingsbury had a pained look in his eye in the post game press conference after the Red Raiders squeaked out a win at Lawrence, Kansas on Saturday, Oct. 17.

Coach Kingsbury took a lot of the blame himself for a poor offensive showing. "Proud of the defense... they bailed us out," Kingsbury said. He then berated the offense's showing, but took the blame.

"Offensively, that's on me as a head coach. Not having them ready to go. Guys got got nervous and we all choked on that side of the ball," he said.

Kingsbury was most upset about the effort his offense showed and admitted Kansas' outperformed them in two important areas. "They outplayed us and outcoached us on that side of the ball," he said.

For the first time this season, the Texas Tech offensive line allowed multiple sacks. Coach Kingsbury didn't mince words. "O-line played terribly. We were lucky to win the game," he admitted.

The lone bright spot in a dim weekend for the Texas Tech offense was DeAndre Washington, who was able to finish the game without much help.

"We weren't blocking anybody. He did a lot of that on his own," Kingsbury said. "He's the only guy who had a good look in his eye, everyone else got nervous, got tight and tried to choke it off."

"I thought we were at a place offensively that we weren't." Kingsbury admitted before slamming the receiving core that he had assumed had matured over the last few weeks.

You know what happens when you assume things, Coach? You nearly lose to to a winless Kansas.

"I can get the offense going...that won't happen again," he said.

Let's hope so, Coach.

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