When a Kansas man turned his love for the Kansas City Chiefs after they won Super Bowl 54 nobody blinked an eye. The neighbors liked it. I'm sure the Chiefs were impressed. Patrick Mahomes loves paintings of himself. Everyone loved it, until some city inspector who had a bad morning came by and ruined all the fun.

As explained in the video above, Chris Chancey an artist and a Chiefs fan spent about 60 hours painting this mural on the side of his house to commemorate the Chiefs Super Bowl win in February of 2020. Now, a year later, the city of Kansas City has ordered him to take it down.

Chancey has received a letter from the city giving him until March 31st to remove the mural, though Chancey says he's got a friend who might buy the mural and cut it out of the wall and then fix his house. That seems expensive, but it's not my money so I won't judge.

"Fans can all agree this Chiefs mural is awesome! Unfortunately, murals, including awesome ones like this, are not allowed in residential areas per the City's Code of Ordinances," Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City said in a statement to KSHB-TV.

I have an easier fix, let the man paint his property how he chooses to.

Wow. That was easy. Let me know if you have any other crises that I need to come in and deescalate and rectify.

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