Josh Hamilton had one of the best beginnings to any season in the history of Major League Baseball. During his run with the Texas Rangers, he hit 21 homers, a huge percentage considering he only has 27 on the season.

Nolan Ryan, in an attempt to motivate Hamilton to break out of his current slump has been critical of Hamilton's performance in media appearances. Ryan recently stated of Hamilton's performance  that, "Some of his at-bats aren’t very impressive from the standpoint that he doesn’t work deep into the count, he’s swinging at a lot of bad pitches, he just doesn’t seem to be locked in at all. So what you’re hoping is that his approach will change and he’ll start giving quality at-bats because there’s a lot of those at-bats that he just gives away. One of the things I’ve always commented on is I can’t ever say that I ever saw Henry 'Hank~ Aaron give an at-bat away. I think as a hitter, you have to go up there and you have to focus on the guy that you’re facing and what he’s been doing as far as the game’s concerned and try to engage what your attempt to do as far as getting a hit off him.”

Much of the cause for Hamilton's woes at the plate are mainly due to pitchers not giving him anything he could ever hope to hit. Analyzing Hamilton and his at bates, he seems to be completely unable to hit balls low and outside, which currently is all any pitcher is willing to give him.

In response to some of the criticism that he has received from Nolan Ryan, Hamilton stated, ""I love and respect Nolan to death. He's a competitor. He's still a competitor and was a big-time competitor," Hamilton said Wednesday. "I believe he cares so much for us as players, almost like a grandfather would, that when he sees us not performing or doing the things we need to do, it frustrates him. I understand why it frustrates him."

Hamilton understands the issues, and will hopefully be able to find a way to bust out of it. For Hamilton's, he had better hope he can figure something out as he is a free agent at the end of the season.

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