I guess people need something to be grumpy about.

Over Labor Day weekend, Texas Tech football had its first game with a card-only/no cash setup for merch and refreshments. The goal was said to be to "make things quicker," but that's only part of the benefit of a setup like this. I'm going to keep this clean and simple so the old and grumpy folks can understand it.

*Rarely does anyone carry cash anymore. I can also say with utmost confidence that almost all of the tickets to see the game are purchased on a card. Don't act like you're not prepared for this type of transaction.

*Card transactions can be monitored and also prevent theft by employees. It also allows the merchant to analyze and inventory the items and be more prepared for the next event.

*Even in a full stadium, carrying around large chunks of cash is not smart. That cash would also require another day's work to total and deposit, whereas all of that is instant with a card. Cash also requires issuing change and, as a merchant, I can tell you it's practically impossible for any business of any size to be totally prepared to break the bills or give the change needed.

*Texas Tech is a cutting-edge university and they know what they're doing. This decision was not made by Raider Red after an all-night bender on Broadway. I assure you that Texas Tech has looked into every aspect of this and determined it was the best way to run the business of stadium football.

*No, jerkface, if you present cash and they refuse it you can't just keep the item. This was presented multiple times as a scenario during the pandemic and it's not a thing. Try it if you like, though. I'd love to see you make your point as you're being dragged out of the stadium.

I'm sure there are a number of other reasons why sticking with plastic is a good idea, but maybe you could just support Texas Tech in their decisions and be glad that while you're walking to your car after the game even thieves know you have no reason to carry cash.

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