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Joe Rogan recently posted about Texas Tech on his Instagram because he was used as an example in a Texas Tech lecture.

My post about deceptive filters was a part of a lecture today in Texas Tech. If you haven’t seen the post you can find it on my timeline. It’s a photo my daughter took of me and then turned me into a pretty girl.

As you can see, the post garnered over 200,000 likes and 2,500+ comments, including a few "Wreck 'Ems."

Rogan is known for his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience and is arguably the granddaddy of the podcast genre, giving it the listenership and attention it deserves as a format. He's also known for being a rabid fan of stand-up comedy and the sport of UFC, for which he has given an enormous platform through his podcast.

As a current student at Texas Tech, I cannot gush enough about the quality of the faculty, and I can personally vouch for my major, the English Department. Texas Tech is truly a world-class school that uses professors that just "get it." From real-world, current examples like Joe Rogan in lectures, to their impressive ability to adapt to new teaching methods (all my classes are currently online), it's a community of people I treasure.

Oh, and...WRECK 'EM.

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