The original goal, set up on August 27th, was $200,000, which JJ Watt put up $100,000 of his own money to achieve.

That goal was smashed in two hours.

Then, the challenge went to $500,000. Smashed, with the help of Chris Paul.

$1,000,000. Smashed.

$1,500,000. Smashed.

$2,000,000. Smashed with the help of the Tennessee Titans, who used to be the Houston Oilers.

$3,000,000. Smashed.

$4,000,000. Smashed.

$5,000,000. Smashed.

That brings us to the current goal: $6,000,000.

Just an incredible effort by over 50,000 people who have donated to the link.

According to Sports Illustrated, Watt isn't the only Houston-area sports figure to donate a sizable amount to Harvey victims. Texans owner Bob McNair donated $1 million to the United Way of Greater Houston Flood relief, a donation the NFL said it would match. Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander is donating $10 million to the relief efforts, and the Houston Astros are giving a total of $4 million.

All told, that's more than $20,000,000 amassed by fundraising efforts of the Houston-area sports franchises.

Add to that the incredible efforts from the countless volunteers, boats and donations that have been given to the effort to help the millions of people affected by Hurricane Harvey and it really puts what is important into perspective.

To anyone asking where or how this money is going to be used, the JJ Watt Foundation will be using this money directly in Houston and the surrounding areas.

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