It's no surprise that ESPN's viewership continues to slump, simply because of one thing, and one thing only: Politics.

I'm a bit baffled because isn't ESPN supposed to be about sports? I mean, you Google "what is ESPN," and the first thing that pops up is "ESPN: The Worldwide Leader In Sports." While this is no surprise to many of us, apparently it was to ESPN commentator Jemele Hill, who took the time to personally call me out on Twitter for commentating on her "sports" commentary, which she often lets politics get in the way of.

What do you know, a bigwig like Jemele Hill took the time to respond to a 23-year-old West Texas college student like myself. So now I'm here to call you out, Jemele. You want me to "give you an example"? My pleasure.

On Wednesday, I simply tweeted at Hill telling her that she lets her political views interfere with her sports commentary and I didn't like it. When Hill later replied to my original tweet asking me to give an example, I provided her with multiple examples, as shown below. Since my response, I have yet to receive a reply back from her.

Hill constantly lets politics interfere with her sports commentary, and this is something I've found unappealing. I consider myself a hardcore sports fan, just like many others that watch ESPN. Mainly because that just for a few hours, it's an escape from all the other news in the world. Politics, on the other hand, is a serious issue. For most people, politics works them up and causes a great deal of stress. Those people go to sports and sports news as an escape.

Sports commentators should realize that no matter what they say about a political issue, no matter how discrete they are about it, they're going to get criticized.

So to Jemele and any other sports commentators who voice your political opinions: Please stick to sports.

Oh, and then there's this:

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