Jarrett Culver is now a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves after going 6th overall in the 2019 draft.

The Red Raiders now have had top 10 picks in the NFL, NBA and MLB in the last three years, with Patrick Mahomes, Josh Jung and now Culver.

Jarrett Culver was actually drafted by the Suns and was involved in a draft day trade -- just like his former teammate Zhaire Smith, who was drafted by the Suns and then sent to the 76ers on Draft Day.

Culver had his family and Texas Tech Basketball Head Coach Chris Beard with him in the green room. Coach Beard even slapped on a dapper suit for the special occasion.

Now that Jarrett Culver is an NBA player, what do you think he's doing to celebrate his new contract? At the club? A big extravagant meal? Nah, he made his agent get a gym ready so he could get his shots up. That's the dedication of a superstar.

Jarrett Culver will now head off to training camp and the NBA Summer League, which kicks off on July 5th.

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