Lubbock is constantly growing, seeing new businesses come to town along with new neighborhoods and shopping centers popping up along the edges of the city.

While this is great to see and opens up many opportunities for businesses to thrive, it also leads to more competition in the city. As Lubbock continues to expand south, northern parts of the city that were once prime spots, become less and less traveled, leading to struggling businesses with less foot traffic.

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While that can be a common reason for businesses to close, some locations simply seem to struggle from the beginning. I like to call these locations ‘cursed buildings’ because no matter what business tries to stay open there, it never seems to work out.

One building that not only seems to be impacted by less traffic in their area, but also has all the qualities of a cursed building is 2001 Clovis Rd.

Let’s take a look at its history and why it is likely a cursed building:

Lubbock Cursed Buildings: 2001 Clovis Rd

Lubbock Buildings That Seem to be Cursed: 3524 Avenue Q

Have you ever noticed some buildings that just don't seem to have a business that likes to stick around?

As a constantly growing and ever-changing city, Lubbock is always seeing new businesses call the Hub City home. While many find a building to call home and see great success with that choice, others are not so fortunate.

Whether you call it capitalism or misfortune, it's a building that just seems to be cursed. One good example I can think of is this one at 3524 Avenue Q.

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