Recently I went to San Antonio and was near a Trader Joe's but didn't know what the big deal was about this place or why Lubbockites were wanting one. I completely understand now.

What Sets It Apart?

Trader Joe's has some of the healthiest options when it comes to food and the variety is astounding because I have never seen so many alternatives to healthy foods. That's right there were healthy alternatives to the already healthy alternatives which just blew my mind. How can you make something healthy and then improve on it? Answer me someone!

Your Total Is...

The fact that things were healthy was a great stepping stone into my Trader Joe's experience but the price was just jaw dropping. You are telling me I could get dried mangos for $2.99 and go home and add some sugar free chamoy to those bad puppies? Deal! It was insane just how good the prices were and it seems that with prices that low people were able to purchase things to try them out and see if they liked them.

Crisp, Fresh, and Ripe

One thing about Trader Joe's that I could not stand was how fresh everything was which made it impossible to figure out what I wanted to purchase. Like I could get a nice watermelon or a ripe peach but why not both because the prices were low but no one could eat that much fruit. So it was just annoying how 'ready to eat' everything looked because I was ready to make a giant fruit salad right there in the aisle.


Who would shop at Trader Joe's though if they opened up in Lubbock? From what I could tell only suburban moms, ripped gym bros, and college kids were the only ones there. It's not like Lubbock has any of those specific types of people just laying around town ready to better their lives with shopping at Trader Joe's.

Why Are You Scared Joe?

If you've made it this far through my sarcasm then you know Trader Joe's just thinks they're too cool for Lubbock so I dare them to build one. Right in the center of town so it's accessible to everyone because I am not driving 30 miles across Lubbock County for groceries to a store. Does anyone else dare Trader Joe's to come to Lubbock to show us lesson? Let us know in the comments.

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