The weather in Texas is starting to get a little warmer, for now, which means people will start taking mini vacations across the state. It's easy to get carried away when planning to go away for a weekend and that includes snacks.

Yum Yum

It's best to remember that when you are buying snacks for a road trip in Texas that you will probably stop in a small town with a population of 10 so it's better to stock up. That means getting the simpler things when it comes to snacks like chips, candy, and maybe something fried. No one wants to drive across Texas with a plate of spaghetti as their road trip snack so remember to keep it easy and simple.

Chug Chug

Obviously you cannot stop at every Sonic in Texas, you could though, but instead it's better to get drinks that are simple. Forget the energy drinks they are just too complicated but instead get things like water, Powerade/Gatorade for electrolytes, and maybe a coffee of small Coca-Cola for the caffeine. When you are enjoying those drinks remember to not chug your drinks because you will have to stop an hour later at a reststop with a bad bathroom or in the middle of a corn field. Control.


The most important part of going on a road trip is to have a great playlist so anything from 2006 to 2013 will work perfectly. Kids in 10 years will listen to music from that time and say they were born in the wrong time, trust me.

Do not forget that when you finish those snacks and drinks that you should find a trash bin for your wrappers and don't throw anything out your car window. Don't Mess With Texas! A complete list of some great snacks and drinks can be found below. Did we miss any of the must have snacks and drinks for your Texas road trip? Let us know!

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