A Lamesa resident recently won $1 million dollars off of a scratch off but is there a trick to winning on scratch off tickets? As someone who worked at a gas station when I was younger many people would come in to the store to buy lottery tickets but they all seemed to have a certain trick that would help them win. Sometimes.

One of the few tricks people seemed to think would help would be to get a lottery ticket with a white line that would be at the seam of where two lottery tickets meet. This is one of those tricks that depends on the person because either you want the ticket with the white line on the top seam or bottom seam, it does depend on what you think is lucky.

Another trick is to get a ticket with a good number. What does that mean? Lottery tickets when placed into the dispensers behind the counter are usually in descending order and are numbered. Those numbers can be seen in the bottom corner of the card and people seem to believe that the higher the number means the big prizes have yet to be won and are still in the roll. Which does kind of make a bit of sense.

One of the other tricks seems to be related to the numbers but this time it's whether the card is odd or even. I do remember many people would say that odd numbered cards were almost always winners and half of the other people I asked would say the same thing about even numbers.

Also people would ask what cards the person before them would buy and would then purchase those same cards in an attempt to steal their luck. The only trick that does seem to work is to just play the game and cross your fingers in hopes of winning big. Do any of these tricks listed help you win, let us know what you do for luck in the comments.

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