Something really big is bubblin' under over in the land of the Red Raiders.

I've watched a lot of Texas Tech seasons, teams, promotions, and everything that goes into football, and something huge is happening. This "huge" thing doesn't appear just the hype machine that we've seen in years past, there is something organic and real about it.

At the core of the excitement I'm talking about is the fact that Texas Tech has already sold out two home games. That is really big. I can't testify that this is the earliest, or the most home games sold out at this point, but it appears to be happening from the ground up.

KMAC News via Facebook
KMAC News via Facebook

A lot of marketing people will sell the sizzle instead of the steak, but here we have a case of the steak being the story. People are apparently bought in that we have the right coach and the right circumstances to make some things happen. We have also reached that level again where we're not hoping for, but expecting a great season.

Will '23 be our year, or will it be a giant step up in dominating '24? I really think that's the only question left. Texas Tech is poised to start ruling this roost, and I only think the question is "when?".

If you're planning on checking the team out this year, do yourself a favor and drop by the Texas Tech ticket site now and grab some seats. You don't want to have to deal with the ticket resellers out there who will charge you an arm and a leg. Again, two games are already sold out, so you better get on it if you want to go!

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