I'm all about anything that gives pets a chance, but is this benefit going too far?

Keeping pets alive in hopes that they'll one day have a forever home costs money. Fortunately, most cities have a budget for things like this. Sometimes those budgets just aren't enough, or the pet population swells to the point that some outside fundraising is necessary.

I encourage you to give to the pet cause of your choice. I make an annual Christmas donation. Since I know I do this every year, it's just like buying a present for a loved one, I'm just buying a stray a little bit more time to find a home. I'll tell you right now, it is very fulfilling, especially for those of you who would like to have more pets but just don't have the room.

The Kansas Humane Society has put out a graphic and program hashtagged "OnlyPaws" promising for every $100 donated they would release another picture of "spicy toe beans" from one of their pets. In short, they are showing feet pics for donations. It is, of course, all in jest, but as it's said, "any port in a storm".

This is an excellent way to bring attention to the shelter's needs. Keep in mind that your local shelter and organizations need help too. Let's also not forget that you can help these shelters further their budgets by making sure to spay or neuter your own pets so that you're not adding to the problem.  Many shelters and organizations will also let you take an animal for a day out, so you can sneak a peek at those toe beans in real life while giving that pet a much-needed break.

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