Imagine a chicken-fried steak as big as a pizza!

The Competition

I am actually surprised and taken aback that there is not more competition out there for this title. You'd think in Texas we'd have any number of places claiming to have, "The Biggest Chicken-Fried Steak In Texas".  After all, Texas is known for having a lot of "big things" and for the chicken-fried steaks. Maybe this post will spur some folks along to join the fight. I guess one problem gets in the do you fry something that big?

The Winner

No one really seems to dispute the fact that the biggest chicken-friend steak in Texas comes from The Wagon Wheel in Eagle Pass, Texas (about 150 miles west of San Antonio). These chicken-fried steaks come in at five pounds! But what good is big, if it's not good? One critic described the chicken-fried steak as "Stupid delicious" (Okay, I'm intrigued).  The restaurant also serves up barbeque and some very tasty looking regular steaks too.

Lamesa, Texas

A little town 60 miles south of Lubbock claims to be the home of the chicken-fried steak, and no one is really disputing it. One tall tail was passed around that a cook misheard and order for chicken and a fried steak and came up with the dish, but it was more story than fact. This didn't keep Lamesa from keeping the hype up and being named, "The Legendary Home Of The Chicken-Fried Steak" by the Texas legislature. I bring all this up because later this month on April 26th through 28th you can celebrate "The Chicken-Fried Steak" festival, 'cause the only thing better than one big chicken-fried steak is a lot of little ones.

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