They added some new lights to a very dangerous, very confusing intersection.

Wes Nessman
Wes Nessman

Where It's Located

There is an intersection by the North Loop and Interstate 27 that people just can't seem to figure out. It seems pretty simple to me. You stop, wait your turn, and then go. Still, there are constantly people going the wrong way, sitting around indecisively, people going when it's not their turn, and so on.

A Bit Of History

A few years back flashing lights were added to the stop signs to get people to pay a little better attention to the intersection. I supposed that wasn't enough because traffic light-size warning lights have been put up. This is probably an indicator that real traffic lights are on the way to help with the flow of traffic.

Already Malfunctioning

During the cold snap, in the early a.m. hours, it appeared that they were malfunctioning a bit. I may be wrong, but when I returned later in the day they seemed to be flashing at a more even, moderate pace. When I filmed them though, they were going nuts like the last song was being played at a rave.

Wes Nessman
Wes Nessman

Will It Be Better? 

It is going to be interesting if the ultimate goal is to have normal traffic lights at the intersection. I'm sure the timing is going to be very aggravating and something that will constantly have to be tweaked. With the way the intersection is set up, there is bound to be some situations where cars are half in and half out of a lane (This already happens, I think lights will make it worse). It remains to be seen if traffic engineers can get people to understand how this intersection is intended to work.

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