Let me first say, that I am NOT a paid endorser of this restaurant, nor am I aware if they are advertisers of ours. I just feel like when someone goes above and beyond in our fair city, they should be recognized.

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Last night, I decided that it was too cold to even think about dinner, so a long-neglected family night out was on tap. My wife and her daughter had discussed the idea of eating at PF Chang's in the West End Center since her kids had never eaten there and the last time my wife and I ate there was for her birthday two years ago. So we piled into the family truckster and headed out.

After we placed our drink and appetizer orders, we noticed that it was taking some time to get drinks for my wife and I. Our waiter came back and explained that the tap that normally poured my beer of choice malfunctioned and that beer had sprayed all over him. He apologized and went to clean himself up. Can't fault anyone for that, for sure.

Getting our appetizer, I informally asked if it had peanuts in it, as one person at our table had a peanut allergy. The waiter immediately explained that it did not and made it clear that since one of our party had a peanut allergy, they would take extra precautions to ensure that safety was paramount, going so far as to print up a special menu which detailed which dishes did not contain peanuts or peanut oil. They also had the restaurant manager personally deliver the menu to us.

It was also explained that they would make sure that their dish was prepared and served separately, away from the rest of our table's food to avoid any possible peanut contamination. That was going well above and beyond to ensure safety of their guests.

Obviously, the food, as generous as the portions were, was prepared perfectly and was worth the short wait to keep health top of mind.

My only regret is that I totally spaced on our server's name because he was amazing. And yes, I did make sure that he was well taken care of as far as the gratuity.

So when you hear stories from restaurants that it's hard to find good help these days, I beg to differ. The good ones are out there, as we experienced last night. The key is finding and training them well. There's hope for Lubbock after all.

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