It's a sad week in the Hub City. As many media outlets have reported, Alison Robinson, who owned the house at 58th and Indiana that's the longtime home of Lubbock's iconic Smiling Bush, lost her decade-long battle with Stage 4 breast cancer on Wednesday.

Her longtime neighbor and collaborator, Tracy Moreno of Lawn Pros Lubbock, posted a heartfelt message on Facebook announcing the news.

Friends have started a GoFundMe page to raise funds to help support her family in their time of need, as well as covering funeral costs. And while Tracy has committed to continuing the tradition of changing the look of the Smiling Bush every month, with Robinson's passing there are questions that are bound to surface regarding the future of this iconic Lubbock landmark.

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Tracy Morgan, Lawn Pros of Lubbock
Tracy Morgan, Lawn Pros of Lubbock

Anyone who has been through the passing of a loved one knows that there is much more to the process than simply moving on. There are lingering questions as to who will ultimately wind up with ownership of the property and what their plans for the bush may be. Especially when it comes to issues like probate, etc., there's no way to tell whether or not the next owner of the house will want to keep the tradition alive, or if they'll allow Moreno to continue Robinson's legacy.

As of now, there's no answer to that question, I'm afraid. It's solely up to the next owners of the house to decide if the Smiling Bush will survive, regardless of the outcry and outpouring of support.

Robinson, and Tracy by proxy, have brought so much joy and happiness to the city of Lubbock by virtue of a well-placed and heavily decorated topiary on a busy street. We can only hope that the future brings a new owner who has the same respect for the Smiling Bush, and the same love for Lubbock that Alison Robinson had.

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