A Lubbock family is inspiring people everyday together as their son faces a battle each day that no child should have to go against. Leukemia.

In the Summer of 2022 Dillon and Brindley Drake's son, Cooper, started complaining about leg cramps that lasted a few days but like parents of any energetic growing young boy it was believed to just be growing pains. The Drakes took Cooper to the doctor after continuous complaints of cramps, the cramps did in fact turn out to be something much more serious.

Cooper was diagnosed with leukemia and soon after that diagnosis the 7-year-old began chemotherapy and transfusions. KAMC news reports that the Drakes are doing whatever they can to help Cooper get through this tough time for the everyone in the family. Many people from different walks of life have reached out to help the Drake family which inspired Cooper to also reach out and help others. Cooper makes cards, by hand, to give to others and has even been inspired to become a child life specialist when he grows up to be able to help kids.

Cooper's journey has been chronicled by his parents through caringbridge.org and shows that even leukemia can't keep the young boy down as he stays active and continues to live his life to the fullest. Reading about Cooper's everyday journey and daily wins sparks a sense of hope in anyone who takes the time to read about it and it puts a smile on your face.

Cooper's treatment is a costly one and will go on for years but with the Lubbock community by his side and family strengthening his kind heart it will be a road filled with care and love. You can help the Drake family by donating to their GoFundMe, organized by Penny and Drew Grams, to help pay for medical expenses. You can also sign up for daily emails from caringbridge.org when the latest journal entry on Cooper is published on the site named #CooperDrakeStrong.

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