The International Pole Sports Federation is pushing for a way to get pole dancing as an official Olympic sport by 2016. While many are pushing for it, most doubt that it will actually ever see its time in the Olympics, or at least not any time soon. Natasha Wang, the pole dancing champion stated that, "My stance has always been that while I support the pole community's efforts to get pole into the Olympics, I don't think the general public is ready for the sport yet on such a mainstream/public scale."

However with pole related sports becoming more and more mainstream for exercise purposes, many are hoping that this is a sign of good things to come. Pole dancing has a ton of work to do to correct their image of being associated with strip clubs and other, "unsavory places." Correcting their image is the most important step to gaining an opportunity at the Olympics.

Let us face facts however, with all of the stupid "sports" already in the Olympics, an event that requires strength, endurance, and skill should at least be looked at.

Check out a video discussing if it is a legitimate sport or not,


If pole dancing was in the Olympics, would you watch?

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