When I was 16, the coolest job you could possibly get in Lubbock was as a barista at a coffee shop. I had, of course, zero experience. I applied all over town at various places until I finally came across Daybreak Coffee Roasters.

The application was different from all of the rest. It asked you to draw a picture of yourself serving coffee. I love drawing and painting, so busted out some colored pencils and went crazy with them.

I ended up getting the job. I was absolutely ecstatic.

I learned so much working for them. I woke up extremely early to get there and open the store. I first worked for the location that used to sit at 82nd Street, later moved over to the little coffee hut in the parking lot of KK's Craft Mall, and then eventually to 19th Street.

Chrissy Covington
Chrissy Covington

My friends adored coming in there and getting Daybreak Shakes and chatting it up with all of the baristas at the bar. It was really a special place to work.

The store locations aren't around anymore, but they still roast their own beans and sell them commercially around town. We even use their coffee here every single day at the radio station. The thermoses look the same, and I remember filling them over and over when I worked there. I'm reminded of them every day, and I thought it would be nice to reminisce a bit about the long-gone coffee shop we all adored.

Did you work for Daybreak or spend a lot of time there? Comment on our Facebook page if you have found memories of your time there.

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