It's October, which is my favorite month of the whole entire year. You'd think that this was my birthday month, but it's spooky season. That also means it's time for Oktoberfest.

In Lubbock, we don't celebrate two weeks like they do in Germany, but we do have lots of fun celebrating the culture by drinking tons of beer and eating as many German foods as we can.

I can't visit Germany because of a lack of that important thing called money, so I instead decided to see if there were any local breweries that had fall-themed beers. I found six breweries in Lubbock that have fall-themed alcoholic drinks. I'm not much of a drinker, but I did get to taste some spectacular beers and have plans set to try more.

Who knew that our lil' old Hub City had so many varieties of beer that is brewed here and even canned?

I tried Triple J's Pumpkin Vanilla, which was extremely light and tasted like a pumpkin cake roll. It paired fantastically with their sweet potato fries. Triple J's Oktoberfest beer has some deep flavors that are well balanced and dances on your taste buds. I also tried Good Line Brewing Company's All Night Candle Light and brought my friend who's a coffee fiend. It's obvious that this lager had some notes of coffee. My buddy mentioned that this particular lager is like drinking a cold brew at the end of a long week. We've made plans to go back now since they'll also be making a batch with pumpkin spice.

There are definitely some plans to go to Mano Negra Brewing Company to try La Llorona, which sounds spooky good to my taste palette. Two Docs Brewing Company released their Doktoberfest, which is one of many beers that's canned locally. My friend actually designed the can, which is one of the many reasons I have to try this Lubbock take on a famous seasonal beer. Meanwhile, the Plains Brewing Company's beautifully copper-colored Marzen Lager goes perfectly with their beer brats, so I suggest making dinner plans.

There are so many other drinks that I have on my list, like an Oyster Stout from The Brewery LBK. It's made its way to my bucket list of things to try, as well as ale from grapes grown in Shallowater.

I also have an exclusive from The Brewery LBK. They've collaborated with the Lubbock Bourbon Society and are brewing something fantastic for December. Many of the breweries mentioned are preparing for winter and I'm excited to share those local wintery brewed drinks with you as much as they are for you all to taste them.

Lubbock Locally Brewed Fall Inspired Seasonal Beers

Lubbock Locally Brewed Fall Inspired Seasonal Beers

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