In the first part, I brought up how difficult it is to find a place, then how you get gouged in the process with fees and deposits and whatever else they can charge you for. ($100 Administration Fee? Are you serious?)

In part two let's talk about the application process.

I have put in 3 applications to date, and all three have been denied.

I have lived in the same rent house for 9+ years with no issues of any kind, in addition, I have stable employment and income with a decent credit score, so why was I denied?

1. I was told that they didn't like radio folk.

"We know how they like to drink and party all night long."

- Apartment Manager

I am not a teenager/college student. I climb towers and entertain people in the afternoon. For me 9 pm is bedtime, ain't no partying in my life! $60 down the tube for the application fee, which they don't have to refund.

2. I was told that I lied about my job. WHAT? I told them who I worked for and when they called to verify it was explained that I work for a subsidiary but that I am still an employee. They felt I was being shady and not telling them the truth.

"If you were telling us the truth, then we wouldn't be denying you."

- Smokey Joleen the Apartment Manager

Yes, she did smell like a carton of Pall Mall unfiltered. And yup, you guessed it, another $60 down the toilet.

3. This is my favorite!

"Well we are ready to approve you, BUT, we have someone else who is willing to pay $400 more a month. We have to give you a chance to see if you want to match that offer... Oh? You don't want to match the other guys offer? Then you are denied. And we don't refund application fees."

- eBay User Apartment Manager

And yes, you guessed it again, another $60 gone. So now I have spent $180 and have nothing to show for it. I thought about calling my credit card company and having the charges reversed, but as soon as I do, I see the po-po in my future.

What a load of crap? Will I ever find a new place? Stay tuned to find out!

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