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I believe that there are some creatures here in Texas that if we come upon them must be killed with fire, and lots of it.

When I saw the following video, I thought to myself, "it's time to grab the gas can."

That really cool looking snail, is actually a zombie that is being controlled by a parasite. Just like Beto O'Rourke. (KIDDING!)

Apparently, this whole nightmare starts with bird poop that contains the parasite's eggs. The snail then eats the poop and the parasite grows large enough to take over the snail's functions, grows into the snail's eyestalks, and begins to pulsate to the music of Pitbull.


Eventually, the snail loses its eyes as the parasite mimics the behavior of a caterpillar to attract a passing hungry bird which then eats the snail, and the whole disgusting process starts again.

This is why nature sucks. Creatures existing for the sole purpose of infecting other creatures just to be eaten and digested in order to keep the circle of life flowing. Sounds a bit like politics to me.

Mind you, this phenomenon only takes place with one particular type of snail which may or may not be found here in Texas. But again, do you want to take that chance? This is why we must KILL ALL SNAILS!

Every. Damn. One of them.

There isn't enough salt in the world to dump on the little zombie bastards.

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