Mixing sports is not a good idea (unless you're talking about mixed martial arts -- the word "mixed" is right in the title, after all).

This girl is (mercifully) living proof of that. She decided to place a basketball on a batting tee and swing away. The results? Disastrous.

That ball ricocheted off the fence with a ferocity no one could have predicted. She could've lost some teeth or wound up with an Owen Wilson nose. It's a good reminder you should always wear a helmet.

Maybe next time this girl will think twice before she considers combining two different sports. Kicking a field goal with a golf ball is going to do some serious damage to her foot, taking a slap shot with a volleyball may wind up snapping your stick in half and heading a baseball past the goalkeeper may very well leave a red spot that won't go away anytime soon.

Our advice? Leave combining things to the characters in the Marvel universe.

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