A certain director has his eyes on a certain truck in the Hub City, and we need to find it.

Jeff Allen of CNBC's The Car Chasers and The Skidmarks podcast is also a car wrangler. He gets the cars and trucks that directors want for their movies and TV shows. He has scooped up a number from our area with a Lubbock vehicle or two appearing in the Amazon movie I'm Your Woman. He's also wrangling some cars for the new Matt Damon movie, Stillwater.

Allen admits himself that it's just like out of the movie American Graffiti, where someone goes to the local DJ to track down a car (except in that movie, the guy really wanted the "who" in the car, which turned out to be Suzanne Sommers).

So when I director says, 'I want THAT truck,' you go get THAT truck. Allen is even willing to part with $200 of his finder fee if you help him find the truck in the picture and put him in touch with the owner.

Now we recognize that the owner may not want to be found or may not be interested, but they deserve to know that they can have their truck captured on film forever.

If you get the info on the truck you can hook up with Jeff Allen on Facebook here, or hit me up and I'll forward the info to him. If you're not on Facebook, you can email me here.

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