Three icons in Texas Tech baseball joined Steve Dale and Guest Host Rodney Allison Thursday to talk about how they got involved in the sport and Texas Tech University.

Shane Wright, one of the best-known pitchers in Red Raider history, joined Steve and Rodney in the morning hour of the show to talk about playing for the Red Raiders in the late 90's.

"To be honest with you, I'm embarrassed to say this, I didn't know anything about Texas Tech. No clue. I had to look up where the city was and everything. So I started doing a lot of research and realized this is a Top 5-7 team in the country, and they guy is telling me I'm going to start as a freshman. I'm like, I must have him fooled or something. I had a graduating class of 109, am I even good enough to sniff this school?...So I went down on a visit and fell in love with the place."  Wright went on to take the record for the highest single-season win total in school history with 14 wins in 1998. Here's this morning's full interview with Wright:

Larry Hays, former head coach of the Texas Tech & LCU Baseball teams and LCU Softball teams, opened up the afternoon hour of the show talking about his time as the head coach of Red Raider Baseball, including the NCAA investigation in the 2000's.

"We had good teams every year but we no longer had the depth. Excuses don't mean anything but if you'll remember we had an NCAA investigation and we were operating on 3 less scholarships for how many years was it? 3 or 4? You hate to use that as an excuse but, you don't have to be a rocket scientist. In baseball a scholarship is three players. You divide them up you've got 11.7, so we were operating on take away with that deal about 9 or 10 players...that was just a crippling thing to go through that investigation."

You can listen to that full interview here:

To wrap up the show Mark Brandenburg, former reserve pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and the Texas Rangers and a former Texas Tech baseball player, talked about his history with the team and his induction into the Texas Tech Athletics Hall of Fame.

"Honestly it felt kinda surreal, like, wow really? I was only there two years, I didn't feel like I did anything special, I was just a victim of opportunity. I got a chance and Larry gave me a chance to do that with such a special program. I was touched...I was lucky enough to be a part of that history in only two years."

Here's the full interview with Brandenburg.