The West Virginia vs NC State game has been canceled due to Hurricane Florence on the east coast. There is no reschedule date in sight. This is the second Big 12 team to lose a game this season due to weather after Iowa State canceled the game against South Dakota State in week one.

The lost games could have a greater impact than just lost tune-up before conference play.

If either West Virginia or Iowa State get into the Big 12 Championship and make a push for the CFP, they won't have the all-important 13th data point to bolster their playoff resume. With the Big 12 already dealing with perceived weakness because Texas' consistently underperforms (but still looked at as the beacon of the Big 12), Iowa State or West Virginia winning the Big 12 Championship could effectively ruin the odds of a Big 12 team representing the Big 12 this season.

It's a long shot for Iowa State anyways, since they lost to Iowa last weekend, but has an undefeated West Virginia team already lost its shot at College Football royalty?

Last season, the Big 12 added a "13th Data Point."

In the clip above, Boren says: "The presentations by our consultants on the value of the championship game both in terms of providing a 13th data point to help us have a better chance of getting into football playoffs, for example, and other competitions was very, very convincing. Let's just say that, reputationally, having that 13th data point is very helpful in terms of our competitive position, also very helpful in terms of our financial position and increasing our revenue distribution per school."

The Big 12 has now set it up to where if the Big 12 Champion only plays 12 games, they are inadequate. It's a problem that Notre Dame is trying to solve, and will eventually force them into a conference.

So, the question is, should the West Virginia Mountaineers do whatever it takes to play a 12th regular season game? That could mean figure out a way to play NC State this weekend at a neutral field, or find an FCS or another school to fill in their bye week.

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